Lifesaver Programs

About Our Lifesaver Programs

National Crime Prevention AssociationThe Beech Mountain Police Department has implemented several Lifesaver Programs to serve our Beech Mountain residents. One of the most popular endeavors this department has undertaken is the development and implementation of the Night Eyes and Footprints Program. This program serves the dual function of allowing frequent residence and business checks, and also helps determine if there are any witnesses to criminal activity in a given neighborhood. The blue cards, often found on doors throughout the town, are a result of this program.

Other programs include Care Track and Senior Watch. These programs help to support residents who have loved ones with disabilities such as Dementia, Alzheimers or Autism who may wander away from their caregivers, and provide well-being checks for home-bound residents who are enrolled in the Senior Watch program.

Should you have a comment or suggestion to pass along, please feel free to email Chief Shawn Freeman, or contact him by phone at (828) 387-2342.