Night Eyes and Footprints Program

Power of PreventionThe Night Eyes and Foot Prints Program is just one step the Beech Mountain Police Department has implemented to help identify and curtail crime within the Town limits. This program is a two-step program which targets personal residences and local businesses.

The Beech Mountain Police Department is pleased to offer our citizens the ability to request a check of their home while they are away.

Once the form is completed and submitted, this will allow officers to check your home while you are away and notify you of any issues that may arise, thus giving you some peace of mind while you are away.

Also, our officers are very observant while on patrol. If they notice things that may seem askew, such as open doors, windows, or broken windows, officers will attempt to check the security of the residence.

If issues are noted, our officers will make every effort to notify the homeowner of those issues.